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Besides our own brand, we manufacture products for other clients. From custom confections to overall production of your line, we can accommodate most requests with our expertise and fine Belgian chocolate. Utilizing our equipment and working with our suppliers we have a wide range of ingredients to choose from. From locally sourced to imported. If this is something that interests you, please contact us to discuss a potential partnership.

Phone: 604-839-5977 or email:



You’ve come to the right place! You may fit into anyone of these spots or all of them? We offer a creative solution to see your products come to market. We offer a varied selection of services that we consider “co-packing”.

Custom: Your recipes are almost there but have never been created in a commercial environment. What we mean by that is your recipes are likely based on a small quantity (R&D size), need adjustments for shelf life stability or testing, and just a little finessing. If this is you or almost, consider this option. Some additional R&D may need to be done.

Market: Been there, done that and would rather not do production. This is a great option if you have your recipes in full size proportions for commercial use and have successfully been produced with them. Pretty much a plug and play type scenario. You can either supply us the ingredients or we source (based on your recipe* and availability if specialized) If this is of interest, call us to setup a meeting and discuss.

Why Urge Chocolates & Confections? Simply put we have been in your shoes. Over the years we have gained valuable experience and equipment that now allows us to offer the services we once tried to source. Our minimums are much lower than many for the simple reason, small business and or new ventures need a place to start. If you grow, we all grow. New and fresh ideas are good. Let's work together.

Please give us a call (604) 839-5977 to find out more or use the contact us page or email:

Please note, our facility is NOT a nut free environment.



Private label is basically our chocolates with your company name on it or a mixture of both. It doesn't specifically have to be your company name, you can also do a custom label for a special event.

The benefits of Private label and custom branding: While we have worked hard to define the "URGE" brand as local gourmet, handmade chocolates and confections company. You can share in our experience by utilizing our expertise and fine foods brand by adding your name or special event title to it. So how does it work? You have several options....

Contact Us: To ensure we are all on the same page and your expectations / vision are met, let's talk. We can define the piece requirements and feasibility from a production standpoint. Not all projects are created equal so we need to define the scope of the project. 

If you prefer the personal touch, give us a call: 604-839-5977 or email us:

First and foremost, what do you want to do? A private label, utilizes our recipes, equipment and already identifiable taste with your name on it via label. We provide you with the basic label requirements in a PDF format to fit our packaging and you design your label, print and supply us with the finished labels.  

OPTION 2, You can work with our design team and we'll create the label for you, easy right?


Not that different from private label BUT you want to add more of your own flare to the end product. What we mean by that is, this is the full package. Custom labels, packaging and displays. 

Services offered:

  • Enrobing or coating, fully coated product or base only.
  • Caramel - cooking & cutting
  • Packaging - Design and custom, including barcodes and Nutritional facts tables
  • Consulting
  • Ganaches, soft and medium centers
  • Confections

Want to get going and get some of your questions answered? Click the link - Private & White label questionnaire

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