Private & White label


Besides our own brand, we offer manufacturing capabilities to increase your existing product lines. From custom confections to overall production of your product line, contact us to discuss your products and what we can do for you.

Services offered:

  • Enrobing or coating, fully coated product or base only.
  • Caramel - cooking & cutting
  • Packaging - Design and custom, including barcodes and Nutritional facts tables
  • Consulting
  • Ganaches, soft and medium centers
  • Confections

Phone: 604-839-5977 or email:



Private label, our chocolates with your company name to compliment or expand your brand. It doesn't specifically have to be your company name, we can also do a custom label for a special event.

The benefits of Private label and custom branding: While we have worked hard to define the "URGE" brand as local gourmet, handmade chocolates and confections company. You can share in our experience by utilizing our expertise and fine foods brand by adding your name or special event title to it. 


First and foremost, what do you want to do? Send us an email with your product specifications. Photo's are always appreciated and ideal. Include things like...

Overall description of your product. Size, depth and consistency. 

Packaging requirements

What are you going to provide? Packaging? Specialty Ingredients?

What volume of product you are looking to increase to.

Anything else you feel would help, send it along. The more detailed it is, the better and quicker we can get down to business and get you going.



With an In-house graphic design team with over 30 years experience in print and packaging, we can customize the look of most products, from product right down to a product display. Retail ready.


Are you ready to dive in? let's talk.

Give us a call: 604-839-5977 or email us:

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